Quick Workouts

Not Enough Time to Workout

Micro Workouts: Anytime, Anywhere Fitness in a Flash

By incorporating short bursts of activity into your day, you can reap the benefits of regular exercise without disrupting your schedule.

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Man that Works Out

Save Time Getting Ready for Your Workouts

Rather than letting your prep time cut into your workout time, here are some ways to cut down on the time spent preparing for your workout altogether.

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Too busy to workout

How Can I Lose Weight If I Don’t Have Time to Exercise?

The key to losing weight “without exercise” is to fit the exercise into your current activities. Even if your schedule is packed full, there is surely a way to be more active doing what you already do

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Does Taking the Stairs Vs. The Elevator Really Make Much Difference?

One of the most widely shared ways to live a more active lifestyle is to take the stairs whenever you have the option to, but is it really an effective way to burn calories?

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