Elliptical Machines

Workout Wear

Choosing the Best Clothing for Working Out on Your Elliptical

When dressing for your workout on your elliptical you want to choose clothes that allow you to move comfortably. Here are some additional tips on what to wear.

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Elliptical Warmups

Warm Up and Cool Down Exercises for Elliptical Trainers

With any type of exercise, it’s important to warm up before you begin. What many people sometimes forget is that taking the time to cool down is also important.

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Elliptical Machine Workout

The Benefits of Using Elliptical Trainers in Your Workout Routine

Elliptical trainers are a great way for a beginner to start a workout regimen. They are easy to use and provide you with an effective workout while being gentle on your body.

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Working out on the elliptical machine

Additional Points to Consider When Buying an Elliptical Trainer

It can be frustrating to decide exactly which brand and model of elliptical trainer to buy. To make your decision a little easier use the these guidelines when looking at the various models.

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Woman on an Elliptical Machine

An Elliptical Machine Buying Guide

Many people look at cost alone, but sometimes, certain features can be more important than the cost of the machine itself. Some must-have features worthy of consideration include:

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Girl on an Elliptical

Do Elliptical Machines Work?

Before purchasing an elliptical machine, you need to know if this piece of fitness equipment really is the right choice for your own exercise needs.

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