Save Time Getting Ready for Your Workouts

So, you’ve done the right thing and made working out part of your daily routine. That’s great! But, it’s easy to get frustrated by how much it eats away at your tight schedule.

Man that Works Out

While working out may be the healthy choice, it’s easy for it to feel like a chore. Part of the problem might be the time it takes to prepare for your workout.┬áRather than letting your prep time cut into your workout time, here are some ways to cut down on the time spent preparing for your workout altogether.

Reschedule Your Workouts

If you’re currently working out in the middle of the day or after work, you may have to spend extra time preparing for your workout by taking off makeup, changing clothes, or searching for the gym shoes that you swore you left in your car. Instead, try getting strategic about when you do your workout. For instance, working out first thing before you even take your shower allows you to slip right from your pajamas into your gym clothes, and then get ready as normal. Or maybe you can just workout in your pajamas, then head straight for the shower.

Working Out in Pajamas

Create Routines

Creating a routine is, by far, one of the best ways to save time in any part of your life. Your workout is no exception. For instance, if you find yourself searching the house for your gym clothes or finding them dirty because you forgot to wash them, get into the habit of taking them off after each workout and washing them immediately. This is more hygienic anyway, as it prevents bacteria growth.

Workout Clothes and Shoes

Likewise, if you find yourself always spending time prepping a meal or mixing a shake, try getting into meal preparation or opt for a pre-workout drink that comes pre-mixed, or something in the form of a handy energy bar. Alternatively, you can spend a few minutes a week putting a proportioned amount of your drink powder into enough sandwich bags to last for the week. That way you’ll only need to grab a bag and a shaker bottle, and you can quickly make up your drink without having to clean a blender up.

Workout Drink

Cut Down on Equipment Needed

If you spend a lot of time getting out equipment, maybe it’s time you opted for a body weight workout that requires nothing other than a good mindset. These workouts are highly effective and can be done anywhere, which means you won’t have to dig out your equipment or head to the gym to complete your routine.

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