What to Look for When Choosing a Treadmill

So you’ve decided that this is it. You’re ready to make some significant changes in your body. Maybe you need to lose some unwanted pounds and maybe you’re not overweight but you just want to stay that way.

Treadmill Workout

Whatever the reason, you know you want to use treadmill equipment, but you’re just not sure exactly what qualities or features you should look for.

Check the Weight Limit

Many treadmills have weight limits. Some users don’t think to check for this before purchasing but it does make a difference and can affect the different features of the machine. The weight limit is set as a safety precaution for users as well as a precaution for what the motor can handle. You’ll want to check the limit to make sure it will work for you, and anyone else in your family that will be using it.

Check the Warranty

Next, you’ll want to check out the warranty. Do you get a year on the motor? Ten years? A lifetime warranty? If you plan to keep the treadmill you’re buying for many years, look for one with a high warranty time limit. Keep in mind that heavy duty motors deliver better performance and usually last longer. That’s why the commercial gyms buy the treadmills with the powerful motors. They may cost more, but you’ll save in the long run.

Consider the Convenience Factor

Do you have a room set aside to use strictly for exercise? Or will the room have a double use? If so, then you’ll need to check out the convenience factor for the treadmill equipment. Look for one that offers easy set up and take down for storage capability. You’ll want to make sure that wherever you place the machine, you have the room to get around it.

Exercise Routines

How many pre-programmed exercise routines would you prefer to have? The amount of built-in exercise programs in each machine ranges from very few to quite a few.

Extra Features

Check out all of the extra features. If you prefer to customize your workouts, then find the treadmill that has that in the features. Some people prefer to multi-task or otherwise engage their minds when exercising and if that’s something you also prefer, make sure you choose a treadmill that has a reading rack or a flat screen television monitor.

Consider the Cost

Finally, when choosing treadmill equipment, consider the cost. You’ll find they range in price from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand. But don’t allow cost to be the deciding factor.

Look at a treadmill as a lifetime investment and know that you’re certainly worth whatever the cost it takes to get and stay healthy. You don’t want to buy the cheapest piece of machinery on the market just to save a few bucks. Make a list of what you need in an exercise machine first. Then go shopping to find the one that falls in line with those needs.

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