Additional Points to Consider When Buying an Elliptical Trainer

It can be frustrating to decide exactly which brand and model of elliptical trainer to buy. To make your decision a little easier use the following guidelines when looking at the various models.

Working out on the elliptical machine

Even though shopping online for exercise machines can normally get you the best price, you still should try to visit some local sporting stores to actually try out the various elliptical trainers.

Then you can compare prices online and see where you can get the exact model you want at the best price possible.

Weight Rating

It is important when buying an elliptical trainer to know that you are getting a machine that actually fits you. You must look at the manufacturers recommended weight guidelines to ensure that your weight matches their recommended levels. There is no point in purchasing a machine that doesn’t take your weight into consideration, as this can result in the machine malfunctioning or breaking. This is a very important point if other, possibly heavier, family members will also be using the elliptical trainer.

Stride Length

Choosing an elliptical trainer with a good stride length is very important as this will provide you with a smooth and comfortable workout. The longer the stride length the more motion you will have. This is especially important for tall people as a short range of motion can inhibit the quality of your workout.

Foot Pedals

These need to be large enough to accommodate everyone who is planning on using the machine. The foot pedals should be slip resistant. Some models of elliptical machines have foot pedals which can be slanted to provide more comfort.

Elliptical Workout Wear

Safety Features

You may want to purchase an elliptical that has a covered flywheel if you have small children or even animals around. Another safety feature worth considering is an automatic turn off button in case you stumble or fall off the machine.

Noise Level

The noise level on elliptical machines can vary considerably and is an important point not to overlook. If you are planning on using your trainer in front of the TV then ensure that the model you choose is quiet enough to allow you to hear the TV.

Over time even what you considered low noise can become annoying to the point of causing you to not want to use your machine anymore. A more solid and stable elliptical trainer will be less likely to wobble or cause vibration, which can cause an irritating noise to contend with.

Heart Rate Monitor

Many elliptical trainers come with standard features such as a heart rate monitor and backlit console. You can control your heart rate by increasing and decreasing the resistance level of the machine. This is just one reason why it is important to have a machine that offers varying degrees of resistance. The higher the degree of resistance the higher your workout intensity level is. Your heart rate will increase and you will be burning more fat and calories.

Plus using a heart rate monitor will ensure that you don’t overdo things and injure yourself. This is particularly helpful for beginners!

Optional Features

Some manufacturers just love to pile on the features on their elliptical machines. While this can be great it can also increase the price. Take a look at the features offered and see if they are ones that you would actually use. For example do you want to know how many calories you burn each workout or not?

Other features you may see offered are reading areas, fans, pulse rate monitors and computerized training programs. Some of these can be very helpful, especially as you become fitter and want to increase the intensity level of your workout.

Just be sure to think about each feature and determine if paying extra for it is worth it.


This can be a huge area and one that you shouldn’t overlook. One thing to take into consideration is that the warranty offered will be reflected in the price you pay. A cheaper priced elliptical will offer fewer years of coverage than a higher priced machine. This reflects the quality of the machine and the level of workmanship.

WarrantyA basic warranty could last for only 90 days while others will last for as long as 15 years. Again your choice of manufacturer and model reflects this price.

You should expect that most electrical parts of an elliptical will be covered for one year, with labor costs covered for the first 3 months. It is the frame of the elliptical that normally offers a longer warranty period.

It is well worth your while to compare the warranty on various makes and models. It could be better to purchase a slightly higher priced model to gain more warranty coverage. Even though extended warranties are available, buying a better quality model is often more cost effective.


You should now have a good understanding of what features you want on your new elliptical trainer. Consider too where you are going to place your machine and if you require a mat for it. You may be able to negotiate with your sales person and get one thrown in at no cost.

Also remember to ask about what maintenance, if any, the elliptical requires. Then make a point of performing this at the scheduled times. There is no point in spending good money on an elliptical machine just to let it become damaged due to neglect.

Last but not least, when choosing your elliptical trainer allow for physical improvement and make sure the machine will still be adequate as your workouts become more demanding.

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