How to Speed Up Recovery After Intense Workouts

So, you just had a super intense workout and you feel great–except your muscles aren’t looking to join the party. While moderate muscle soreness can feel incredibly gratifying after a good workout, too much can leave you feeling stiff. Luckily, there are many things you can do to help speed your recovery following a hard workout.

Sore Muscles

Drink Up

Staying hydrated in and of itself is essential to your body’s health all the time, but it’s especially important following an intense workout. In addition to water, you should also be getting in plenty of protein and other vitamins and nutrients that are essential to muscle recovery. Without them, you’re bound to feel sore as your torn muscles struggle to repair themselves. A pre- or post-workout supplement can do wonders.

Stretch Out

If you’re not stretching out before and after your workouts, you’re asking for trouble. Failing to do so puts you at a great risk of overuse injuries and, at the very least, you will experience the muscle soreness you’re suffering from right now. You should always take time to warm-up and cool-down as part of your routine. In the days following the workout, you should be stretching regularly to help promote recovery and relieve stiffness and tension.

Get a Massage

A deep tissue massage can help workout any stiffness and tension that you’re currently suffering from while helping to increase your flexible and stretch out those sore muscles. If you can’t go to a professional, try getting a foam roller and learning the proper techniques. Doing so can help you recover more quickly from every workout going forward while experiencing substantially less soreness in between.

Consult with a Trainer

If you are regularly suffering from muscle soreness, you may need to talk to a trainer. A little bit of soreness is good, but if it becomes a regular thing, it could be a sign that you’re doing too much too fast or perhaps using improper form. A trainer can help you rethink your routine so you can do your best both in the gym and out.

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