Tabata – No Equipment Needed

When you are looking through workout options, you may see a long list of styles you have never heard of. This may lead you to overlook some and stick with the ones you already know. Though this can be an easy option, it may have you overlooking options that would benefit you and your lifestyle.

Tabata Workout

One of these options is Tabata. Tabata workouts are HITT based and can give you a full body workout in less time than other options. So, if you are limited on time, and equipment, consider these key points about Tabata workouts and why they may work best for you.

Alternating Workout and Rest

The key to Tabata workouts is the revolving workout and rest technique, sometimes called HITT intervals. The specific idea with Tabata is to workout hard for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds, and do this in rounds or reps. For example, you may start off with 8 or 10 rounds of workout and rest intervals. You can increase this or decrease this depending on your time constraints and the intensity level you need. This makes it ideal if you are trying to fit it into a small amount of time and need to get the maximum results from your workout.

Full Body Workout

Tabata offers a full body workout option. You can work through your entire body and repeat the circuit several times to give you a full body workout option with no equipment. Keep in mind, though this is a benefit of the Tabata workout plan, you do need to consider your downtime from the workout if you take the full body option. You will need to take at least two days off to give you muscles a rest so you do not have injuries or strain. This can be ideal if you only have three or four days a week that you can workout, or if you need something to fit in along with yoga or light workouts you are already doing.

No Equipment Necessary

One of the key things to keep in mind about Tabata workouts is the lack of equipment. You don’t need special equipment to do these workouts. Your weights come from your own body weight and resistance. Your workout is all you. This makes it ideal as an at home workout option if you have limited space and a tight budget. It is also ideal for traveling since you don’t have to carry equipment with you and could use only a yoga mat or exercise mat for comfort.

Tabata Workout on Vacation

If you are interested in the Tabata workout, consider trying it for a few weeks and seeing what effect it has on your workout routine and body goals. Remember, you can change the intervals to increase intensity as well.

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