Why You Should Consider An At-Home Barre Workout

Have you ever wanted the long, lean, strong body of a ballerina? Barre fitness is something you may see advertised in local papers, online, or at the local gym. It is a workout that combines ballet poses with yoga and Pilates. The goal of a barre workout is to give you flexibility, range of movement, and weight-based calorie burning.

Portable Barre

If you are new to barre fitness, you may also be surprised to find out that you can do it at home. Here are some things to consider about at home barre fitness and why it may work for you.

Many Benefits

One of the reasons to consider barre fitness as your at-home workout solution is based on the multiple health benefits the workout offers. It is a true all-in-one workout, so you aren’t having to switch up workouts and have different equipment for each one. The results of ongoing barre fitness are better posture, increased weight loss, cardio, flexibility, and core workouts. This means that you can get a full body workout. Think of barre as a way to mix weight training workouts, intense cardio workouts, core workouts, and yoga all in one option. This helps reduce the time you are working out, while still giving you maximum benefits.

Portable Equipment

The equipment for barre workouts can be portable. There is a misconception that barre means you have to put a ballet bar in your home, find wall space for it, and leave it up all the time. The truth is there are companies that create barre equipment that can be folded, put up, and kept hidden away. This makes it ideal for at-home workouts in small spaces, or in rental properties where you can’t drill holes in the walls or add more permanent equipment options.

Barre Workout

Small Space Needed

If you are looking for a workout that requires a small amount of space, then barre may be ideal. You only need enough room to use the bar and stretch. You do not need a full workout room, an entirely devoted room, or even a large living room. In fact, there are some people with small apartments and kitchens that use their kitchen space and their sink as the barre. Even bathrooms can be used if they are set up properly.

By keeping these key points in mind, you can start your own barre fitness home gym. You can also adjust the workout to your needs and get the workout that works best for you.

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